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LeafLogix Security

Data in Motion

LeafLogix lives in the cloud. Our are applications are available 24/7 from any internet connected device. LeafLogix systems are increasingly serverless, minimizing attacks from people and malware alike.Our redundant infrastructure throughout the United States and Canada allows LeafLogix to recover from failures with minimal downtime. All data LeafLogix users enter into the system is encrypted from the terminal to the web server to the databases. LeafLogix engineers use secure, encrypted connections to perform system maintenance. 

Data at Rest

Data stored at LeafLogix is secured in state of the art data centers. Data is backup to geographically disparate locations to prevent loss in the event of catastrophic failures. All databases are encrypted at rest to prevent access from unapproved personnel. 


LeafLogix takes extra steps to ensure its customers comply with their states’ marijuana laws. LeafLogix integrates with most state reporting systems. If state systems are experiencing connectivity issues, LeafLogix can group and resend reports to ensure your business is always compliant.


Multiple security tools are used to protect LeafLogix data. Automated and manual scans ensure vulnerabilities are identified and fixed before they pose a risk to customers. Security personnel receive alerts in real time. Automated protections stop hackers before employees can respond.


The design of LeafLogix has been certified by independent auditors as secure. LeafLogix is SOC 1 & 2 Type 1 certified. All LeafLogix customer data is stored in SOC 2 Type 2 certified data centers. LeafLogix operates a BugBounty program, ensuring all new features and existing products are audited for vulnerabilities by a massive group of security professionals.

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