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Unrivaled Speed, Performance & Stability

Built on Microsoft technology, our cloud-based solutions offer unparalleled security and convenience. We run reliably 24/7 so you can operate your growing business without having to worry about your software

Solutions Tailored For Every Step In The Cannabis Supply Chain.

Grow your business through our software’s data-focused approach, and measure your performance through our robust reporting features.

Point of Sale

Reduce transaction times and improve your dispensary’s efficiency and profitability with our easy-to-use touch screen point of sale


Boost yield and productivity in your grow facilities with comprehensive tracking capabilities intelligently designed to manage plant life cycles

Wholesale & Distribution

Efficiently manage wholesale & distribution of cannabis products with our ready-to-use, intuitive, process oriented module

Manufacturing & Processing

Manage and track inventory, create and calculate recipes, define equipment settings and parameters with custom batch configurations and simplify transactional reporting. 

Accounting & Finance

Complete end-to-end, accounting to manage your operation’s finances. Record and view transactions from purchasing to inventory, and from sales to receivables

Payment Processing

LeafLogix POS fully integrated payment processing solution reduces redundant budtender payment entry labor and corresponding errors 

Business Intelligence 

Our comprehensive suite of user-controlled reporting throughout the entire organization

  • One-click reporting templates

  • Full suite of product-driven reports

  • Printable & Exportable to CSV

  • Custom reporting & graphs

  • Intuitive dashboards

  • Scheduled reporting

  • Financial reports

Looking For Integrated Payment Processing Solutions For Your Dispensary?


Introducing Payments

Simplify check-out with the swipe of a card. LeafLogix Cashless ATM product offers your customers a secure, convenient, cashless way to pay for products. At checkout, your customers swipe their card and enter their PIN number. Transactions are rounded up in increments of $5 or $10 plus a convenience fee, with change being paid in cash when the purchase price is less than the total transaction amount. Funds are debited from your customer’s bank account and deposited into yours. The Cashless ATM terminal is familiar to customers, and transactions show up on their bank statement as a cash withdrawal. Simple.