We know the entire chain and we want to be a dynamic partner to you every step of the way.

Where ever you sit on the cannabis value chain, we're here to provide reliable, best-in-class enterprise ERP solutions supported by our sohisticated features and robust data analysis.


Our user-friendly POS Product facilitates customer conversion and optimizes sales while considering regulatory constraints.

  • Intuitive touch screen design and dedicated register and employee log-ins
  • Patient check-in
  • Easy returns and pre-orders
  • Built-in loyalty and discount programs
  • Automatic label creation and printing
  • Display online menus connection
  • Third party solutions linkage
  • Detailed sales reporting and analytics: history & by product/customer

Our Cultivation Product helps our clients manage plant life cycles intelligently and optimize employee productivity.

  • Easily Manage +50,000 Plants
  • Ready-to-use plant metrics from lab results.
  • Customizable metrics & workflow customization wizards
  • Easy tracking of cultivation actions by lot, plant, room, etc.
  • Multi-user updating capability
  • Inventory tag creation and printing
  • Built-in one-click standardized reporting
  • Summary level & detailed report templates

Our Processing Product facilitates product creation, tracks employee productivity and automates regulatory reporting.

  • Inventory management by user-controlled statuses
  • Fulfillment optimization by inventory availability and state regulations
  • Recipe building
  • Product merge / split capabilities
  • Inventory usage optimization
  • Product creation and tracking
  • Integrated communication with BioTrack, Leaf Data and METRC state Systems

Efficiently manage wholesale operations & distribution of cannabis with our intuitive Wholesale & Distribution Product.

  • Manifest creation
  • Order allocations
  • Loyalty and discount programs
  • Transaction history
  • Wholesale E-Commerce
  • Sales commission
  • METRC, BioTrack & Leaf Data Integrated

Our comprehensive suite of user-controlled reporting throughout the entire organization

  • One-click reporting templates
  • Full suite of product-driven reports
  • Printable & Exportable to CSV
  • Custom reporting & graphs
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Financial reports

Our E-Commerce Product allows you to setup a retail or wholesale online shop in minutes.

  • Hosted white-label consumer site
  • Embeds directly into your own website
  • Real Time inventory allocation & visibility
  • Customizable customer communications
  • Track customer allotments & loyalty
  • Allocate for pickup or assign for delivery

We recognize that we work with pioneering entrepreneurs in a nascent, growing industry. Our clients need reliability, flexibility and on-demand customer service in our products and we deliver.

LeafLogix’s mission is to help our clients grow their businesses intelligently and compliantly by providing cutting edge, cloud-based seed-to-sale technology and world-class customer service.

Our cloud-based Solution is built on Microsoft Azure Technologies.