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Manufacturing & Processing  Software 


Streamline your cannabis processing and manufacturing with an intuitive platform that handles the details for you. Manage and track inventory, create and calculate recipes, and simplify transactional reporting. Optimize inventory management at each phase of the operation on a reliable, easy-to-use platform. Automated compliance and recording keeps your business running safely and smoothly. Then do more with your data and stay competitive as the industry keeps growing.


Capture every detail with robust recipe creation features, then ensure strict quality and inventory control with equally precise recipe batch tracking. Create custom extractions, infusions, and unique products with a system that’s designed to support vertically integrated cannabis businesses. Specify recipe instructions, ingredients, equipment information, and yields. Easily calculate THC and CBD potency.

GMP compliance is built-in to our system, with in-process sampling and testing features present at every step. We take safety and compliance extremely seriously. Equipment management is critical and built in to our system. Define equipment settings and parameters with custom batch configurations, then track which piece of equipment is being used for fulfillment. With transparency across the supply chain, you can prevent cross-contamination and closely monitor the integrity of your products.

Powerful tools to keep your business on-track and compliant

LeafLogix Processing & Manufacturing software simplifies product creation and automates regulatory seed-to-sale tracking & reporting. Use our software to standardize processes from deliveries through processing to inventory, streamline compliance paperwork and transportation manifests, and monitor personnel and production at every step.

Processing & Manufacturing Features

  • Inventory management by user-controlled statuses
  • Fulfillment optimization by inventory availability and state regulations
  • Precision recipe building and yield calculator tools
  • Product merge / split capabilities
  • Inventory usage optimization
  • Product creation and conversion tracking
  • Create labels and transactional reports for wholesaling
  • Integrated communication with BioTrack, Leaf Data and METRC state Systems
  • Generate, submit and store transportation manifests