LeafLogix Privacy Policy

LeafLogix is a product that offers a variety of services to legal cannabis growers, retailers, and medical facilities. We would like to make you aware of what personally identifiable information (PII) we collect about consumers and how we use this information.

What Personally Identifiable Information does LeafLogix collect?

LeafLogix may collect the following categories of PII from users, retailers, consumers, patients, and caregivers: 

  • Personal identifiers, such as name, date of birth, uploaded picture, state ID, email address, and phone number.
  • Internet activity information, such as IP addresses.
  • Commercial activity, such as dispensary or medical facility name and location.

LeafLogix does not store customer payment information.

How does LeafLogix collect this information?

All data collected by LeafLogix is manually entered into the product by users or ingested into the product from an existing record system or online service.

How does LeafLogix use this information?

LeafLogix uses your data to deliver and improve its product. Data from employees is used to log into our system and deliver content. Data from customers enables retailers to deliver a customized service. Data from patients is used to comply with state’s medical cannabis legislation. LeafLogix may disclose information to law enforcement to comply with relevant laws.

LeafLogix provides robust technical services to enable retailers or medical providers to interact with data within our system. They may use data within the LeafLogix system for purposes that may not comply with this Privacy Policy. Current integrations with third parties require customer consent to use their data. Please consult with your local retailer or medical provider for more information on how they use your data.

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