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Digital Payments & Cashless ATM

LeafPay offers convenient, safe and reliable payment processing alternatives that afford cannabis retailers the ability to maximize their business while adhering to new and rapidly evolving public health standards.

Efficient, Reliable Cashless ATM Solutions

Simplify check-out with the dip of a card. LeafLogix Cashless ATM product offers your customers a secure, convenient, cashless way to pay for product. At checkout, your customers dip their card and enter their PIN number.
Transactions are rounded up in increments of $5 plus a convenience fee, with change being paid in cash when the purchase price is less than the total transaction amount. Funds are debited from your customer’s bank account and deposited into yours.
The Cashless ATM terminal is familiar to customers, and transactions show up on their bank statement as a cash withdrawal. Simple.

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Direct Bank ACH Transfers Powered By LeafPay 

Accept and initiate ACH payments through LeafPay’s integrated contactless payment solution. ACH payments through LeafPay are simple and secure, allowing electronic bank-to-bank transfers for retail payments and B2B payments.

Maximize transaction volume while giving your customers the most efficient method of paying digitally via direct bank transfer, either in-store or online, from the convenience of their Phone.

Key Consumer Benefits

  • No cost to the consumer (no ATM fees)
  • Secure
  • Charges the exact amount (vs rounding with Cashless ATM)
  • Easy to add tips

Key Merchant Benefits

  • POS Integration: Select “Direct Bank Transfer” as Tender type and the POS takes care of the rest
  • Average Transaction Size: 20-40% larger transactions sizes when consumers pay electronically
  • Fast, easy checkouts: Repeat users simply reply to a text to confirm transaction
  • No In-Store Hardware: Communication is between POS and consumer’s phone via text
  • Contactless Payments: Reduced COVID risk
  • Faster, better payments for eCommerce / Delivery Orders: POS sends a text “invite to pay” when eCommerce order is received.
  • Consumers can pre-pay via text. Simplifies amount adjustments for substitutions, discounts, etc.
  • Easy Reconciliation: Bank deposits are by transaction, easier to reconcile against POS reporting
  • Funding: 3 business day funding, auto re-tries if insufficient funds
  • Reduced Cash Handling: reduces cash in-store and eliminates need to make change (charges are to the exact amount, not rounded)