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Payments Solutions

Digital Payments & Cashless ATM

LeafLogix and its partners offer convenient, safe, and reliable payment processing alternatives that afford cannabis retailers the ability to maximize their business while adhering to new and rapidly evolving public health standards.

Efficient, Reliable Cashless ATM Solutions

Simplify check-out with the dip of a card. Our partner’s Cashless ATM integrated solution offers your customers a secure, convenient, cashless way to pay for products. At checkout, your customers dip their card and enter their PIN number.
Transactions are rounded up in increments of $5 plus a convenience fee, with change being paid in cash when the purchase price is less than the total transaction amount. Funds are debited from your customer’s bank account and deposited into yours.
The Cashless ATM terminal is familiar to customers, and transactions show up on their bank statement as a cash withdrawal. Simple.

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