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Leafly Partners with Leaf Logix to Provide Point-of-Sale Integration for Cannabis Dispensaries

Leafly and Leaf Logix integration allows for real-time dispensary menu updates
SEATTLE, Sept. 10, 2018

Orginally Posted Via PRNewswire-PRWeb

Leafly, the world’s leading source for consumers to find cannabis, has partnered with Leaf Logix, a cutting-edge, cloud-based seed-to-sale ERP solution for cannabis businesses, to streamline dispensary menu updates, including inventory and price. Dispensaries utilizing Leaf Logix’s point-of-sales system to update menus will experience automatic updates on Leafly’s site, which sees more than 16 million visits each month. Leaf Logix is the first partner to integrate against Leafly’s menu sync API.

“Displaying accurate, real-time inventory is crucial to dispensary operations. Leafly is excited to support dispensaries by integrating with Leaf Logix’s point-of-sales technology,” said Jason Makuch, Chief Product Officer at Leafly. “Leafly is constantly adding new features to create the optimal experience for customers and patients.”

“Updating multiple menus with the latest inventory and pricing is a time-consuming task for every dispensary team. By integrating their Leaf Logix POS with Leafly, staff can eliminate the double duty of manually updating multiple menus and increase productivity,” said James Minutello, CEO of Leaf Logix. “With this partnership, dispensary staff save time and improve operations.”

LeafLogix currently operates in 27 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico with zero service interruptions, creating an optimal user experience. By partnering with Leaf Logix, visitors to Leafly’s menu pages can be sure they’re viewing the most up-to-date inventory and pricing information for their local dispensary. To learn more about Leafly, visit

SOURCE Leafly Holdings, Inc